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The origin story of Magpie begins in 2014 when actress/writer Carolyn Minor wrote a book of a two-person relationship in text message format. The piece, The Actress and the Painter, follows a relationship over the course of two and a half months with text messages sometimes coming in quick succession and sometimes a day or more apart.
As a written piece of prose, The Actress and the Painter was not creating the visceral response in the reader that Carolyn wanted. She needed a delivery method that would closely recreate the tension of a real relationship.
From this need, Magpie was created. It is a delivery system for long-form storytelling that is episodic but also continual, voyeuristic as well as deeply private. It bridges the gap between artists and tech workers in Chicago to create an immersive narrative experience.
Magpie delivers the story of a relationship, creating the serotonin rush from a flurry of messages and the anxiety when there is no response. The reader receives messages through the app according to the time-stamps of the text messages. You cannot skip ahead.
After years searching, Carolyn created a team of three: herself, a UX designer, and a backend developer. Magpie represents what can happen in Chicago when arts and tech build something together.
The Actress and the Painter will be ready to launch on the Magpie platform this summer. Magpie offers a democratization of the submission process for written works. The goal is not only to create a new form of storytelling which will meld the tension of live performance with a readily available form of reading, but also to create a platform for authors that may not have the knowledge, access, or money to submit to traditional publishing firms.

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